• The highly scented fragrance of our soy based melts in our uniquely designed fragrance lamps can be burned 24 hours a day and will awaken your sense's in any room of the house.

    • Fragrance Lamps are FLAMELESS and are a great for retirement communities, dorm rooms, offices, etc.
    • Our lamps have DIMMERS, you have complete control of how much scent and light is emitted.
    • You never have to stop experiencing a fragrance, your favorite scent can be burned 24 hours a day.


We like to keep a fragrance lamp in many rooms, this way you have wonderful fragrance no matter where you go in your home.  The wax will never burn away but, after several days the fragrance will dissipate at which time you will want to replace it with a new fragrance cube.


Caution:  Fragrance Lamps should be kept away from children and pets.  The lamps melt wax which could be harmful if touched but as I have displayed at our shows I can place my finger in the melted wax showing it isn't hot enough to burn me but warm enough to say "that's hot"